Slide About Tax & Retirement Planning Education Why Financial Education? Many Americans have discovered that it is possible to increase their retirement savings without seriously reducing their standard of living. However, more than half of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, with one in three having nothing saved.1

Financial education is important to help solve the financial challenges Americans are facing. We spend most of our adult lives making financial decisions, yet receive virtually no formal education – from elementary school through college – to prepare us for retirement and other financial obstacles.

Many people get an education to prepare for a career – and in turn to make money. Tax & Retirement Planning Education will teach you what to do with that money.

This course and other financial education classes developed by this seminar publisher have been sponsored by over 1,800 corporations, 1,200 organizations and 1,800 educational institutions across the United States. Over 4 million people have attended.

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These locations represent a partial list of over 1,800 educational institutions and 1,200 organizations through which this course has been offered.

Educational Institutions

  • California State University, Chico, CA
  • Notre Dame College
  • Oregon State University


  • AAA
  • American Red Cross
  • City of Malibu
  • City of Portland
  • City of Scottsdale Parks & Recreation

Appearing on the list does not indicate an endorsement of the instructor or the advisory
services provided to the instructor’s clients by the educational institution or organization